Chambers of Commerce Called Turkish Businessmen for Investment in River Transport

Dr. Alaa Ezzeldin, Secretary-General of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce “FEDCOC”, called the Turkish side to get involved in Monday’s Egyptian-Turkish Business Forum in order to participate in the River Transport Project to be launched within two weeks, pointing out that the project includes 8 milestones finalized during the last period. In his message during the business forum attended by Refaat Hassar Oghlo, President of the Federation of Chambers and Stock Exchanges of Turkey, Ezz explained that the project aims to transport passengers not cargos and added that Egypt has promising opportunities to receive many investment opportunities in major projects, such as New Capital Project which amounted to 45 Billion Dollar investment with completed infrastructure works, and has available opportunities in the fields of new and renewable energy. Ezz pointed out that Egypt has a distinctive and attractive investment climate and packages of modern economic legislations, structural and economic reforms, clear and transparent incentives and activating the role of private sector in the framework of its partnership in promising investment opportunities. He added that Egypt has become one of the best reformers in the tourism and other sectors. However, such investments have declined since 2011.


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